Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thinking of winter

I have a new banner that I will be putting up at the end of the road leading up to the centre. 
I really do need to do more advertising but  I am so rubbish.  I have a leaflet that is great for me to give out at the studio, even though it has a spelling mistake or two ( yes I really am that bad ),  but its not really any good for anything else.

Don't get me wrong I do advertise.  I  am lucky one of my students put in info whenever she can in a local paper. 
I have a mailing list that includes all the local papers and magazines, parish councils and anyone who has at any time shown an interest.  I do of course give them the option to opt out if they want.

The  thing is I don't want to pay out much money or I should say I don't have the money to pay for much.  Anyway I really need to get on top of it.  I have just started to take bookings for my Autumn classes and if I fill my 2 beginners course then I should have enough money for all my rent through the winter months and it would be great not to worry about it.

Thoughts are turning to winter.  One thing I hadn't anticipated was that my courses would be more popular in the winter rather than the summer.  I suppose it make sense as most people are off in the summer on holiday.
I need to take some time off in January or February and paint the floor and the window,  I also have a big water stain on my ceiling that I could do with covering.  I am trying to con some of my students to help me.  Maybe I can do a deal in exchange for a class or two?
I need also to think of better heating.  When I moved into the new studio in January,  I did what I needed to to get in and sorted,  but the rest had to wait as it had to start paying for itself, very quickly.

I picked up this cute little welcome sign,  I of course customised it in my colours.  I was going to have it for my students to hang their handbags on as I am having problems with tripping over bags during lessons.  They can put them out the back,  I do have a lockable room,  but as all students have access to go to the toilet, then I can understand why they don't watt to leave them out of sight.  But this just isn't man enough for the job,  its only got little fixings,  I think I will look out for  something better.  So I have used it to put a few bags on.  I am trying to decide whether to put more on or keep them in the bags on the bookcase.

 I still haven't got my painting mojo back, so I am still being creative, but in different ways.  I have done my first lino cut in a long time.  I had trouble with the printing but had lots of help from my folksy forum friends and I would like to say a special thankyou to Alison from http://folksy.com/shops/ADEEGAN for her generosity.

So this is the result.  I have been printing away and I am hoping it will be a limited edition of 20 prints.

 I will list them on Folksy  Yes I am back on folksy.  I have been keeping an eye out and listed a few items to check it out and then in a moment of madness, decided to upgrade to the plus account,  so I have to list lots and lots of items, now to make it worth while.

I started listing my cards today. http://folksy.com/shops/Wellydoggallery?shop_section=cards

I don't know how well this will come out but I also did a photo montage of the craft centre barn.  These pieces are all part of en exhibition I will be putting on at the beginning of August to celebrate 1 year at the centre, so I think it will be all ducks and old buildings.


  1. All looks good to me, hope it all pans out for you to be able to relax over the winter, that is of course if we have a winter.. it might just be summer by then:)

  2. "Thinking of winter"? Its already here, isn't it? Anyhow, hopefully you'll achieve the requisite number of students for this winter. It will be interesting to see how it goes with this 'plus' account on folksy. I've changed my views on folksy a little bit – it appears dire for artists, so, hopefully, this new account will attract the necessary traffic to make it worthwhile again.