Friday, July 13, 2012

ipad Art

I was very fortunate to be given an ipad by my lovely husband for my 50th Birthday.  I was cross with him as I had told him, I would have my new glasses for my present,  then I could have what I wanted instead of going for the cheapest as usual.  But I should have know better really and he surprised me with it the day after I got my glasses!!!  I was worried about opening it for ages incase we needed to take it back,  but curiosity got the better of me and so now it is my favourite new toy.

He bought it as I have been a very taken with David Hockney's work, when we visited Salt Mill near Bradford earlier this year. I was stunned by the versatility of what the fabulous Mr Hockney could do, especially with portraits on this little gadget.

Any way I needed an app.  I got for lots of recommendations on twitter and from other ipad users and it basically came down to 2 - either 'Brushes'  or 'Inspire pro'. I really hadn't got a clue but finally decided on brushes, for 3 main reasons
1.  If it was ok for David Hockney it was ok for me.
2. everyone said it  was easy to use
3. I like the idea of play back to see how you painted something for future reference.

So any way here are some of my results.  Not brilliant but great fun,  like finger painting without the mess.


  1. That looks lots of fun, love the orchids!

  2. I plan out all my new designs by drawing them on my tablet first, its also great for occupying DD when we are out so most of the pics in my gallery are hers!!
    I love the orchid picture too, good effect!

    Maxine x