Monday, July 30, 2012

I don't know why but I have been thinking of our lovely Wellydog a lot recently.  I think its a lot to do with our new addition Fin,  but it was not helped when sorting out my computer I came across this that my Husband wrote just after welly died.

I just had to share it as its a  lovely tribute

Last night the silence was deafening.

You weren't noisy. In fact far from it. But I could always hear you. The re-assuring sounds of you going for a drink, making yourself more comfortable, and of course anything from gentle snoozing to full on snoring!

The house seems so empty. Coming home last night you weren't there to meet us. I will miss that and our deep and meaningful conversations.

The last couple of days have been tough, but the memories of that will fade, and I will remember you as you really were, our ever loyal, loving friend and companion of the last 16 years.

You grew up with our kids. I am sure that you and Chris went through adolescence together.

Every time we got home you were there to greet us. Even if you had been out with us! Though sometimes recently we had to wake you so you knew we were back. You were a people person, always with us, following us round the house. I think some of that may have been your ever hopeful & seemingly empty stomach. I still don’t know how you managed to con all of us into feeding you breakfast so much. Food was important to you, including self service. Be it chicken tikka in the caravan, Ice Cream from the freezer or butter from the fridge.

You liked to dance, always joining in to make a threesome dancing in the kitchen or lounge. You never complained, but boy did you suffer from bad Tourette’s. I don't know where you learnt that kind of language. Certainly not from me.

Perhaps your most endearing quirk was your aversion to water. You hated rain, and rivers and puddles. You loved the beach, but not the sea, and you were right to hide from the hosepipe in the garden.

You were always determined, and gave more and went further then we could ever have expected of you. Coast walks at Tenby spring to mind, as well as showing your much younger cousin Freya a thing or too when walking over Brean Down.

There is so much more to miss or remember. Your ticklish feet; cheese cures all illnesses; begging under the table; pre-washing dishes; getting excited waiting for a take away to arrive; your bid for freedom the day you became an Ashworth; twitchy feet when you slept; chasing cats out of the garden; getting out of the window via the porch room and sat waiting on the lawn just after we moved here.

You touched so many people, and were loved by so many. I miss you so much Welly. 

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  1. What a lovely tribute, makes me think of our old boy too. We never forget them, but in time we can remember them with a smile and a few less tears x