Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just when you think....

.... you may be getting the hang of this painting lark, you see something that just blows your mind and you realise what a long way you have to go. Having said that I feel very inspired to work towards getting to a fraction of the quality of Gillys work

Check out Gilly Marklews work here



  1. That made her smile ;-) cheers,

  2. Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous paintings! Watercolours were something I never managed to master when I was doing Art for A level. And I know how you feel, I got an email from my craft fair organisers with a list of stall holders. I decided to look some of the jewellery makers up to see what the 'competition' was like and some of them blew my mind too.

    Unfortunatly, I ended up feeling more intimidated than inspired!