Monday, June 13, 2011

Proving a point...

I have been wondering about offering to do paintings of special places for people. I haven't really done any research into knowing if there would be a market, but part of me was holding back as I wasn't really sure if I could actually produce a painting of a place I have no emotional attachment to.

So its been sat mulling over in my mind for a while when I came across this lovely places on Facebook . I was really taken by a photo of Hele Corn mill near Ilfracombe I love places like this and I will definitely be dropping in at sometime, to have a nosey and to sample the Elderflower, lemon and lime cordial and of course the cakes, Nom Nom........
Anyway back to the point, I cheekily asked if I could paint from one of the photos they had ( thankyou guys for letting me).... and low and behold the result is below.

I am quite pleased as I normally paint things or places I have an emotional attachment to and although after having painted this, I am quite fond of the place, I have never actaully been there. So now I feel I have proved to myself that I can actual achieve a reasonable painting if someone did actually want one.

So the research begins............
Question .
1. Is this something you think would appeal to you, or someone you know?
2. Is there somewhere special, that at some time ( and money permitting) you would feel you would want an artist view of?
3. Honestly am I barking up the wrong tree, and you are happy with a photo memento of that special place?

Janice x


  1. we adore st ives in cornwall, we have visited many times.St ives is a haven for artists, and there are many artist impressions of the harbour.I for one love this idea.x

  2. I think it's a gorgeous painting and I'm sure there would be a market for this kind of thing. If there's a special place for someone a painting is so much more evocative than a photo, so why don't you give it a go, what have you got to lose?

  3. When I saw your painting on the thread today I was thinking to myself that it would be excellent for you to offer exactly what you've just described above.

    I'm currently trying my hand at a few scenes for my sister (not all that successfully just now!), special places we've been to in Scotland where she lives. I think it's a really special thing to do and I would imagine you'd get loads of requests given your amazing skills with this stuff.

  4. I adore all your paintings, as you know! You have inspired me on more than one occasion!

    I would be happy to own any of your paintings, just wish a secret millionaire would bequeath me some money,and I could support showcasing the talent you and other artists on folksy possess!

    Natalie x

  5. Hi, Janice. It's a good, and brave, idea. I done similar commissions. The only potential pitfall if balancing your artistic interpretation, and what your client expects to receive. I'm not putting a 'downer' on it – grasp the opportunity – I'm sure it will be OK. Good painting by the way.