Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Craft/Art room Success???

This is my craft room. I'be had it just over a year now....lovely isn't it?
Well Yes it is, but after using it for a year I realise there is a problem? I don't actually use it!!!
...I just don't get it, I have all my favourite things in there, I love the colours and its dual purpose with the futon in so people can stay over or I can sit and relax. But as you can see I just dump things in it. I am really into my painting at the moment but I always end up in my dining room, I just can't seem to paint where I am suppose to.

I am thinking it may need a major de-clutter and makeover, but no idea what I want, as in theory I want what I've got.......Help!!!


  1. Your gorgeous dining room is bright and iconic, maybe your craft room needs some bolder decor, maybe you are drawn to the reds and the pattern :)

  2. I was given the spare room (before baby no 2 needed it) and it was lovely, all mine and purposely set up for my craft...yet I never used it. Like yourself I set up shop on the dining room table. I have since taken over the dining room totally.
    I found I was shut off from the hustle and bustle of the house, used to family noise it was too quiet and solitary in my craft room.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  3. Our house isnt big enough to have my own craft room - but I do have a craft cupboard for everything. I blogged the other day about storage inspiration, so why not check it out x

  4. I always end up in the sitting room too, even though I have a nice room to work in. But I agree with Dawn, maybe you need more inspiring colour in your decor, as the colours (which are GORGEOUS)are possibly a little too relaxing.

    Hannelore x

  5. Maybe it needs to look more 'workmanlike' whatever that means ;-) It's too comfortable and there are too many distractions, like looking out of the window. . . I used to have my drawing desk side on to the window as I am right handed, and the light was just right for drawing as my hand's shadow didn't get in the way. maybe move things round a bit and put all your craft stuff in there so you have to go in there to get it.

  6. I'd try and have a bit of a change around and maybe a de-clutter (says the queen of clutter)

    I'd move the desk so it is side on to the window and I would put my easel near the window for when I was doing bigger paintings that I could leave out but I must admit I like to do most of my painting in my kitchen.

    Jan x

  7. Maybe you like to work in a relatively clear space, so you find it easier to work in your dining room which is very spacious and tidy. Its strange where we like to situate ourselves. I have to work facing a window not so much for the light as a painter would need I just feel comfortable that way otherwise I feel annoyed about what I am making and less likely to finish it.