Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now what?

I've just got back from a wonderful holiday in the sun. I can still close my eyes and see the beautiful turquoises and blues of the sea and the smell of the salt in the water and if I concentrate I can hear the sounds of the waves as they break on the sand.

Walking into work this morning I was greeted by at least 3 people who commented about how well I looked, so I have to question - did I look ill before?? If I actually think about it I have to say I probably did and for quite some time too. I was not ill, I was just mentally exhausted, and I don't know why? A few years ago I had lots of jobs, 3 young children and did a full time degree course and was fine and happy with my lot in life. But not now? All the children have now left, I work full time and even though I should have plenty of time on my hands, I always seemed to be rushed and going from one crisis to the next. Of course they are not real crisis's but after a very, very stressful year then even small things get blown out of proportion .

So going on this much needed and very relaxing holiday, has meant I have come to a moment of reflection and maybe even change.

The big question is should I continue with wellydog designs? My other half made me a very generous offer before I went on holiday to invest in my business and the offer is still there if I want it, but is it still what I want? I went into business, as I do with most things, all guns blazing and with no thought about what impact it would have. I have always had an ambition to run my own business or more specifically not to work for other people, as I have had to deal with some real Bastards in my time. But having sat in near isolation on a beautiful island in the middle of the Indian ocean then I started to think, after over 20 years of waiting to do this, do I actually still want the same things out of life?

......well I don't know the answer yet, wellydog is still active and for the time being I will continue but for the moment , whilst the memories of my holiday remain I am enjoying a bit of peace of mind and a slower pace of life. x

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