Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday I was doing loads of cooking. The main reason for being so productive in the kitchen and home is to try and keep myself occupied with non strenuous tasks whilst I am not very well.

I had made some strawberry and lavender sorbet, and this got me to thinking what can I do with all the lovely lavender I have in my garden.
I remember making corn dolls when I was you but the lavender stalks are too brittle and snap when you bend them to much. So instead I made the traditional lavender wands. Weaving the long stems with ribbon encases the lavender
heads. I do like to leave a few odd bits poking through to give a more rustic look. The wands will be great to put in the draws with my clothes and to leave around the house.

I have made some extra so if you don't have an lavender or no time then you can buy them from my folksy shop.

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  1. These are really cute, and a great idea! Good to see you are getting back into the crafty side of things :)
    LOVE the look of your pavlova too!!!