Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New beginnings

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So over the last few weeks I have been rambling on about where I am going with Wellydog. I don't have a really clear direction, but I defiantly have a starting point and am feeling bit more positive about what to do next.

When I set up wellydog I wanted a clean, simple and stylish image that had one line of products that I thought would be successful, I was pleased with the start I got positive feedback commissions and a few sales started to come through online.

But there was nagging feeling and something didn't quite feel right. I like my shop and I love the silver jewellery...but its not me....well not totally its just one part of me.

If I was to describe myself it would not be simple and stylish it would be scatty and diverse. I never stay with one thing for any length of time. I move from one thing to another, my creativity is not linear it doesn't move in any order but more squiggly and less defined. Part of what keeps me creating is the experimentation with lots of different materials, they all eventually lead into each other and I can't separate them without a lot of effort. I have always been told this is a problem and I need to find my style and concentrate it. My father is always quoting the saying 'Jack of all trade master of none'.
I think what has been nagging at me is that my shop doesn't reflect me. I am trying to be something I am not, for the first time in my life I have decided to be me and to hell with the consequences.... so my first goal is to make my shop, MY shop not what I think people want from me.

Below is a small amount of the things I have created and a choice of directions to take and I can honestly say I am excited about the uncertainty.....


  1. nothing like setting yourself free gorgeous! Good luck with the new direction ;o)

    Can't wait to see what develops....


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. I can totally identify with what you have said! I'm the same. I say embrace your creativity in it's entirety your work will show your enthusiasm. But then that could be what I want to hear for me!
    Whatever, enjoy!!!

    Jo x

  3. thanks for your support, I will enjoy and I will keep you updated x

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the simple stylish, and I also know that my creativity just doesn't want to be confined to that! lol

    All the things you've made are lovely and I agree with Jo. Let your creativity guide you and see where it goes. You'll feel happier and your work will benefit for it :)