Sunday, September 2, 2012

Student exhibition

Friday night saw the private viewing of my student exhibition.   It was a difficult exhibition to hang as all the students  had varied work and had framed them, themselves so there was little continuity,  but I decided to group each students work together and that seemed to work fine.  As I was hanging it then I had a couple come in who were desperate to buy one of the works,  so one student had a lovely surprise when she came in.  I am not sure she will sell it,  but you never know or perhaps we could arrange a print.  

There are 28 pieces up,  I asked students to bring in their 2 favourite pieces and a few of them bought extra and in the end I managed to hang all but one.  I had a few students who didn't want to take part but they were mostly people from one day workshops.  I also had 2 new students that hadn't finished any work with me as yet so I wasn't able to hang anything from them,  but maybe next year.

Of course we had to have a Dot Teas cake to celebrate,  lemon and blueberry,  my favourite.  yum.  The donuts were for the children who came and they really must have enjoyed them, as they were gone in about 10 minutes and lots of children went home on a sugar high!

 Lots of students and their families arrived so that was really good to see the support they all had.  I also had some people sign up for my New November beginners group.

I'm the one in Black giving a school report to one of the students parents,  they had commented it felt like going back to when they had gone to parents evenings,  so I told them their daughter was good but needed to stop giggling so much and have so many break for tea!

 The local paper sent a photographer,  they have been very good at supporting me throughout the year and I am looking forward to seeing what gets printed in next weeks Clevedon Times.   Just after the photographer posed the students, then I took a sneaky picture to.  They all looked like they were having fun  and I enjoyed seeing them enjoy their very first exhibition. Hopefully a great time was had by all and people will enjoy seeing the work over the course of the next month.


  1. Looks great and your students look pleased too.

  2. Fabulous Janice, I wish I lived close enough to come and see it all!

  3. It looks wonderful Janice, a real sense of joy and community :) Well done! :)

  4. Well done Janice, looks like a very successful exhibition, you must be so proud of your students!

  5. Wow, it looks fabulous! Such a lovely idea to exhibit your students' work :)

  6. Oh yes, they certainly look like happy students, and great art achieved by them too, well done.