Monday, September 24, 2012

Funday Sunday

Yesterday we had a Funday Sunday Craft Day at Clevedon Craft Centre.  We had lots of demonstrations and crafts to try.  There was spinning, making brooches, pottery painting,  throwing a pot, plant sale and exchange and at my studio I ran a, have a go at still life drawing.  The other units were open but its hard for the furniture restorer and clock maker to do demonstrations, but they were all in their studios, chatting about their trades.

I was so busy I didn't get to take many pictures but I got few.  I set up 3 still life's and everyone regardless of age could have a go. The middle vase was particularly for the children for the bright colours but it was difficult to see light and dark,  but the children did love colouring it.

What surprised me was how many people came out in appalling weather and did actually have a go. I had one lady who stayed for a good 3 hours just drawing.

 and some of the children,  when I got time, had a go at painting. This young lady was very good

Here are some of the results.  You may wonder what the funny structure was,  It was a test piece my son made years ago, learning how to weld.  Its usually a door stop in our house.

And I also managed to tick off one of my 50 things to do,  when I made a pot with the wonderful Liz, our local potter.

A great day for all and lots of fun!