Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Card frustration!!

I need more cards,  I do have a local printer who does an ok job,  but he is very limited on how he does  the cards. I want a more dynamic look and my images to fill the cards rather than have  a large white border.  So I wanted to look at options for printing them myself.  I know I can go to Moo, or other online printers and also there is an option for other local printer and I wont rule them out at all,  but I would love to be able to print what I want, when I want and how I want....

I spoke to Mr WD about inks and printers and we looked at recommendations and actually decided that as printers go our HP printer probably was ok to at least experiment with and decide on paper and designs.  So I bought some card stock and updated my Photoshop package and so was set to go.

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH  its not that easy.  I have discovered the biggest problem with HP printers.........Paper feed.  The printer can't cope with 300gm card as it has to turn it around a roller and there is no manual feed option.  I have taken the back off and tried to feed it through but its just not going to happen and if I could get it to work its just not worth sitting there for ages to feed it all through.

Back to the drawing board and decide it its worth investing in a new printer, stick with my current local printer or look for a new print company??

Why is nothing straight forward??


  1. This sounds familiar! I tried printing my own cards and struggled with the weight of the card, found thinner card just falls over and curls when you fold it and the printer will decide to print wonky just when you don't need it!
    I now get mine done at Moo and its so much easier!

    Clare xx

  2. Yes we have all been here. I was unimpressed with Moo, I found them pricey and less fabulous than people suggest. As for doing it yourself, it leads to hair tearing and swearing and chucking the printer out the windowing. I would find a different local printer if yours is too inflexible, I had to do this with my framer when he insisted on converting my mount sizes from cm into inches, causing all my mounts to be slightly out. He was a nice chap, but if you are not getting what you want move on, business is business!

  3. I've had this dilemma too, my local printer is great but hugely expensive unless I get a lot of cards printed. I print cards for family at home, but I've never achieved anything that I feel I could sell, so I use Moo for my shop stock.

    I'm trying my local printer out with ordinary prints of my watercolours though, and I'm very impressed so far.

    1. I have used Moo, but I have just invested in a Canon Pixma printer and am so pleased with it, it doesn't solve all my problems but certainly helps