Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy birthday Dad

Tomorrow will be my Dads 88th Birthday.  As some of you know, he has been having  a few health problems and was diagnosed with vascular dementia earlier this year.  Unfortunately had to go into a nursing home.  He is settling a bit better now but his room seem so clinical and has nothing of his in there.  We don't want to upset him by bringing in loads of bits from his flat, that we have had to clear, as he has not been told that the home will be permanent.
So I painted him this picture.  When he was young he worked on the railways for a while,  I am hoping it will bring back happy memories.

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  1. my Grandpa used to work for "Deutsche Bundesbahn" (the german railway). From what I know, he used to draw diagrams of what future railways would look like in their terrain? The translation of his job would be "technical sketch artist" or something similar, just a bit more, well, technical.
    I hope your old man had a lovely birthday- I am certain he will cherish your painting. Once a railwayman, always a railwayman.