Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Something a bit different....

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my daughter helping her try to get sorted for her first ever craft fair.
She has helped me at them in the past, which is not a very good training as I never did well  at Craft fairs and haven't done any for some years.

But I think her soap will do well.

Since she hit her twenties she has had issues with her skin, made worse by stress and hormones! At times it has been so sore it was painful to touch and even wash her face! 
So having already made some melt and pour soap, she researched what you could do with it and  thinking  can she make a soap that works with her skin rather than against it... She tried so many fragrance free soaps and expensive lotions and potions, which all either made it worse or dried her skin so it looked dull and flaky all of the time... After almost a year of researching and attending workshops she created a soap which is simple and moisturing. Since  staring using it she's  much less sore and can actually wash her face without it hurting!

Her recipe has 4 main ingredients, including shea butter to give those of us with delicate skin moisture and LUXURY! The main recipe is Fragrance free but she is making other soaps now for those with less sensitive skin.
She now has had her recipes tested and approved by a certified chemist (something which is a legal requirement) and is also a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers. 
I am so proud of her.

She has a folksy shop but as we all know folksy is having a few problems at the moment and so the next step is to go to Craft fairs.

Her first one is on the 14th April, at  The DevonPort Guildhall so if anyone is around the Plymouth area, please drop in and say hi to her.

We experimented with packaging a few sets and I think they look fabulous.  I managed to sneak off with some of her new Teatree oil soap,  but I have to wait a little while for it to finish curing, I am not patient so it will be tough.

She still has a lot of work to do, to be ready but as lexie ( below) is keeping an eye on her,  I am sure it will be fabulous.  My only regret is that I can't be there on the day to support her


  1. wish her all the best, it will be fab and she#ll do fantastically, those sets look great! just wish i was nearer!

  2. Aww Good luck to her, they look wonderful, maybe I should head over to Folksy when I have some cash spare, my skin isn't sore, but it does get so stupidly dry on my face! What is wrong with Folksy? I have hardly been on there in over a month, with other things going on.

    Maybe she can take Lexie for support, people love to cuddle a pooch - well I would! :)

    1. Hi Dawn, Since they changed Folksy it hard to find anything and the search is terrible . Lots of changes the latest one this week with paypal,

      I think taking lexie would be a good plan, but don't think she would stay still that long :-)

  3. Good luck to your daughter!

    Craft fairs can be a bit daunting, I've only done 2 and neither went particulary well, but I think they weren't quite right for my jewellery so I'm trying a different one in May.

    There was a lovely gentleman from Arka on the next stall selling soaps, handwashes, shower scrubs and various smellies, and sold quite a bit, so hopefully you're daughter will too! Good Luck!

    1. Hi Gemma, I never did that well at fairs but know people who do, you just have to find the right ones for you, hope your one in May goes well :-)