Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can you spot the difference ??

....My students didn't notice  can you.  I will give you a clue, its not the pictures have been changed

Perhaps you can see it better here  ???

Yes I have added another table in...
I have my biggest workshop ever on Saturday,  I have 9 people coming to a workshop for painting spring flowers.  I am busy collecting a variety of flowers so I can put a centre piece in the middle of the table for them to paint.

Its funny the Saturday workshops are really going well,  but the mid week ones,  which I thought would be more popular are really not doing that well.
I am also going to change my improvers workshops,  they are to unspecific and so I am going to see how the spring flowers one goes on Saturday  and then change some of the improvers to more specific workshops,  covering painting trees, birds, landscape etc instead.

I also need to sort out my wall painting competition as well,  but I think I will do that next week on a quieter week.


  1. I must admit, I couldn't spot the difference until you pointed it out, most unobservant! I taught evening workshops for years, it was hard to get enough people, some had trouble getting in after work, or couldn't be bothered once they had finished dinner to go out again, everyone complained about the lack of light in the winter... I changed to Saturday mornings and suddenly it went crazy. I have 13 people now (about as many as I can deal with) and a waiting list. Saturdays are definately what people like! Michele x

    1. Thanks Michele, I am thinking of changing a lot of days so will look at doing Saturday mornings instead . I am not sure I could manage 13 I think 9 is my limit