Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FAIL ????

Do you like my new blinds,  I do ,  I love them,  I have been obsessing about them for ages since I saw them on ebay.  There were 3 blinds, the 2 smaller ones were wide enough together to fit the big window.  

The bigger  one was not quite wide enough,  but I thought I would cut it down and use it for the door and  maybe also get a cushion or 2 out of the remaining fabric.

Well that was the plan ............

I did measure honestly I did,  the widths were perfect.........if only I had checked the length.....   I can't believe I didn't check I just assumed. ( Never ever ever assume anything!!!!) They are a good few inches to short OMG what a div I am. 

I didn't have time to try and work out what to do,  by the time I realised my mistake, I had all velcro and loops up and not enough time, with students about to arrive,  to sort them,  so I just finished putting them, up.

I really want to find a way to sort them.  The choice seems to be,  lengthen the blinds with the material from the 3rd blind and loose the one on the door, or do the door one and find a contrast colour material to lengthen the window blinds.  I am not really happy about either idea,  but I don't see any other way.   

Oh bother!!!


  1. If you lengthen with a contrast you can make other furnishings from the contrast and still have a door curtain. Let me know when you want me to pop up and help

  2. Yeah, I'd be tempted to add a bit of extra fabric at the bottom. Maybe a block of red or blue to try pick up on some of the colours in the print?

    They are very nice blinds though...!

  3. When I bought not enough fabric for my studio cushions I made one side in a matching coloured check, and appliqued squares of the original fabric into the middle of the checked piece. Everyone loves them, as long as you repeat the fabric combination elsewhere, it will be assumed that you are a design genius... Michele x