Friday, March 23, 2012

50 things

After a very a difficult week ( don't ask)  I can get back into the studio and also start thinking about normal things again.

I have been thinking and been nagged by Mr WD to come up with a suggestion of what to do on my 50th birthday that is coming up very soon.

I have been thinking and thinking,  never an easy task for me, and trying to compete with what he did,  which was walk on a glacier in Iceland.

But nothing seemed to jump out as being that special,  everything I wanted to do seemed a bit lame compared to walking on a glacier.  So with just a few weeks to go, I decided I had to make a final decision,  so I made a list of everything I had thought of to do,  and as I made it, I started to remember little things I liked to do and then it struck me,  this is me,  this is what I like,  I like lots of varied things and why did I have to do just one special thing,  why couldn't I do several,  in fact why couldn't I do 50????

So last night I e-mailed the following list to Mr WD and my 3 wonderful kids.


Do you and the children ( and anyone else) want a challenge?????.   How about help me achieve all of these in my 50th Year??????

1. Have a meal out with Steve and all the kids

2. Try and see a whale

3. See the Angel of the north

4. Photograph wild flowers

5. Paint outside ( not the fence)

6. Search for sea glass

7. Find 50 Art Deco buildings and photograph them

8. Swim a mile

9. Walk on a beach at sunset in the UK

10. Sing in public ( not on my own)

11. Make  a sculpture out of found or natural items

12. Pooh sticks

13. Walk up to Glastonbury Tor

14. Paddle in a stream

15.  Go on a picnic

16  Climb something

17. Tea and cake with all the family

18.  Spend a day with Gemma           

19.  Spend a day with Heather

20.  Spend a Day with Chris

21.  Walk a dog

22. Find treasure

23. See wonderful stained glass

22. See a David Hockney painting

23.  Visit Scotland

24. Try and see the Northern lights

25. Stargaze

26. Dance in the tower Ballroom Blackpool

27. Road trip

28. Decorate a special cake

29. Do a mosaic

30. Make 50 origami birds and hang them in trees

31. Grow a pineapple

32.  Throw a pot

33. Have a girly night

33. Make a flower arrangement

34. Sparkle

35. Have my engagement and eternity rings repaired

36. Decorate the bedroom

37. Make a daisy chain

38. Get a tattoo

39.  Learn to pick a lock

40. Make myself an item of clothing

41. Have a photo us all.  Not professional

42. Make an album or photo book of the year

43. Do something to raise money for charity

44. Candle lit relaxing bubble bath

45. Kiss in the rain

46. See a film in the directors lounge

47. Have a butterfly land on my hand

48. Crochet myself a jumper

49. Paint a good picture on an Ipad ( or similar)

50.  Surprise me!!!

So watch this space in 2012/13 to see how we get on 


  1. Daughter no 2 just e-mailed me this

    Lmao. Does everyone wanna combine numbers 38 & 50? We can get her a suprise tattoo.. . You'd trust us right mum?

    I'm starting to regret this already!!! haha

    1. That's just the beginning mum. I have quite a few suggestions for how you can combine various items on your list...most of them do involve the suprise though!! You can do things on the list more than once right??

  2. Great idea! Good luck! Think I might have to do something similar when I am 30! I think we should all do something like this on special birthdays! So many things I want to do but get forgotten.

  3. Fab list, good luck and have fun doing everything!

  4. What a great idea, hope you achieve all 50. Have fun and good luck :)

  5. Look forward to reading the future blogs when you tick them off. First with the surprise tattoo then:)

  6. great list and do go for the tattoo - we will want pictures

  7. Great list, not sure about the tattoo, although I did have my belly button pierced the year my son started primary & daughter high school (she was horrified! come to think of it she start Uni & he starts high school this year a tatto might be in order :-) )
    Happy Birthday Janice however you celebrate I hope it`s a good one :-)

    Diane x