Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving forward....

I put in a complaint about my silver jewellery course, so I have decided not to go back for the last 2 weeks. I doubt it will do any good but at the very least hopefully it will make the tutor aware that just turning up is not enough to qualify you as a teacher.

So I am moving forward, I am practicing my cutting and soldering skills. Having not learnt what I wanted from my course I have bought myself a good book, and have been watching utube videos, it seems to me you can learn just about anything from these, I would not advocate just learning from them and I would still like to do a good course as I think practical help is something worth getting.

The first one is all sterling silver it is based on a
buckle that I found in my button tin. The second is a copper base with a sterling silver top, that is bent over to make the bale. I am loving putting copper and silver together, and it again is influenced by the mayan carvings I saw in Mexico. I will have to photograph this better as it doesn't show the contrast that well.

I hope you like my new pieces x.


  1. Well done for putting in a complaint. They won't improve if we don't tell them. And when you next go on a course, think how much you'll already know :-) (I'm a big fan of youtube!)

    Love your two pieces, especially the shape of the second one.

  2. I'm glad you decided to complain- it was heartbreaking to read your awful journey from hopeful to devastated.
    Anyway, from your finished pieces I would never guess you are "just" a beginner, they are so gorgeous@