Friday, September 3, 2010

Welsh Folksy Friday

I have a sense of pride in the fact that I had a Welsh mother. She died when I was quite young so I don't unfortunately have the sense of belonging or a true claim to being Welsh, but I have a few small memories of some welsh traditions, one of which was the beautiful welsh love spoons I remember seeing in relatives house. So I decided to make my own little love spoon this week ....
So For my Folksy Friday this week I thought I would go with a Welsh theme, these are just a few of the wonderful items that have a Welsh connection, It is worth clicking on the links below each one, to check them out as they are truly wonderful items


  1. Diolch yn fawr!
    Or - thanks a lot for featuring my celtic birds plaque:-)

  2. your spoon pendant is lovely lots of very pretty things the story telling chair is awesome wouldn't it be awesome in a very overgrown garden.

  3. Da iawn. Llongyfarchiadau on a great selection. I love your pendant and Gelert design's birds. x

  4. thank you great blog
    Helen & Hollie

  5. Your spoon is lovely. I presume its pure silver is it, sorry for being ignorant, I am a papercrafter, so dont know alot about metals:-/

    I want the chair!!!:)

    Michelle x