Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ring design

For my next jewellery class I need to design a ring to make in silver. I have decided I am rubbish at it. It doesn't really help that I have no idea after one lesson what I can actually make and what skills I will need for it, so I am trying to second guess what I may be capable off.
Having no limits at all is harder than if I had to stick within certain guide lines.
When I paint and I am not sure of colours or have no references I limit my pale
tte or I have a tendency to go all over the place with it. I have always found it easier to design jewellery based on what materials I have not to just design something and then figure out how to make it. I know this is a contradiction as I only have one material - silver, but I don't yet know my limits.
These are some of my sketches so far I am sure there will be load more by Monday, now all I have to do is decide which ones to take with me......
What would your favourite be?


  1. I love the designs with the swans, but you have plenty of lovely ideas to choose from!

  2. I like the fish!!
    You've learnt piecring and soldering so far soany design where you pop a piecred shape onto a band would be fine. Or soldering wire shapes onto a band...
    Good luck with your designing and making. looking forward to seeing what you choose

  3. piercing?...peircing...?...CUTTING!!

  4. Great designs, I like the second one in the first picture and the swan one, pretty! Good luck! :) x