Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My eldest daughter started making soap earlier this year. She is now experimenting with different fragrances ingredient and colours and is attending a course soon to learn more, and will eventual be selling what she makes. She of course needs a cosmetic license to be able to do this, but while she saves for this, I am very lucky benefiting from her creativity as se gave me some for my birthday, they were beautifully presented.

When I visited her recently she let me have a go, with her help I created these lovely cup cakes, the other bits she gave me to bring home. xShe is currently doing some market research about what people need in soap, so if anyone is interested in taking part leave a comment and I will contact you when she is ready x


  1. These soaps look almost good enough to eat :)
    Probably not a good idea though!

  2. i always like scrubby soaps! (loving the glitter!)

  3. They look really lovely! My Mum always likes nice soaps, so you'll have to make sure to let us know when your daughter starts selling them to the general public!!