Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seaside chic Folksy friday

Having lived in Weston Super Mare for 20 years, we have seen some major changes to the town, some not very positive, like the central pier burning down, the farce of the tropicana redevelopment and the terrible tragedy, of the magnificent victorian Birnbeck pier being allowed to deteriorate and literally fall into the sea. But at long last then the town is coming alive again. They have redeveloped Knightstone island, sorted the sea defenses out and the owners of the central pier, have magnificently come back with a fantastic new pier. We are immensely proud of the new pier which I think is very chic, so I thought would find some seaside chic to go with our lovely new modern pier. Can't wait for it to open.


  1. Stunning, I love the ses, as you may have noticed from my blogs! LOL!

    I adore the graphic shells and the seaside mug, new shops for me to investigate! Thank you,

    Natalie x

  2. Gorgeous items, I love that jug! Reminds me of my lovely day at the beach last weekend!

  3. Love the seaside too! the mug/jug is amazing :)

  4. Oh this makes me miss home! I'm from Taunton & OH from just outside Wells but now we're in Essex. I remember 1985 at the Tropicana!! Lol!! Tripping down memory lane :o)

    Lovely Folksy Friday too! The jug is gorgeous! :o)

  5. I love that jug, it's gorgeous! :) x

  6. Lovely selection - I think the seaside sign is my favourite, it's difficult to choose.

    The Weston Pier fire was so sad :( it's wonderful that they're coming back bigger and better. Now's the time for us to finally visit!

    In the meantime, we shall wave to you from the beach - we live on the other side of the sea to you :-)

    Sam x (A Simple Melody)

  7. The painted jug is very jolly - really makes me want to go to the seaside! Very beautiful shell drawings too. x