Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Folksy A Team

I have been very lucky this week and I have been mentioned in 3 blogs.
One was an advertising giveaway I won at Button and Bows
and the other was a lovely mention in
The other was a folksy friday all about me...which I was well chuffed about
....have a look and let me know what you think.

So as I love being mentioned in other peoples blogs, I thought it was only fair that I had my own little feature on some of the A teamers I love to look out for every day. There are of course far to many to mention and so have just picked a few of my favourites
I love Blue Daisy glass, everyday Apryl lists something, I want it. I am hoping to get some more sales soon then I will treat myself to one of these

I love the gothic glamour and fantasies of Miss Bohemia...and I just love the name of her shop and theseare the item in her shop, I am currently lusting after

and as I absolutley love recycling so I had to show you Esme's newspaper jewellery at Esme Dodsworth Design

And finally....if you want fun, fun, fun, then take a look at Jesse's craft corner


  1. Brilliant post and choices from Folksy Artists!

    Wow, I love Esme's newspaper jewellery!

    Thanks so much for including my shop and jewellery :-)

  2. Thank you for featuring me :-) There are so many lovely things listed each day I love looking at what people have listed and made :-)

  3. Miss Bohemia's beautiful pieces are very unique - I am a huge fan of hers! We think alike, all your picks are wonderful.