Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Studio

So things have moved on from last week.  I have given myself a bit of a talking to and decided I have got to stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on and do stuff.  It doesn't matter if its any good, just to do it!!

So I did.....

First I did a watercolour, I wanted to play a bit more with my new KOH-I- NOOR paints,  they are very vibrant so I thought I would do a Sunset

 I offered it on Facebook for a bargain price as it was only a quick sketch and it was snapped up straight away and is off to its new home, as we speak  :-)

I then painted another acrylic seagull,  these little chaps have preoccupied me quite a bit recently. I started by putting them in my seascapes,  the usual sort of V shape birds,  but slowly they got more rounded and the I wanted to get closer still. This is the third close up I have done.  As always I love painting water so liked that this one was paddling along.

This one can be found for Sale in my folksy shop

Also I have had a re-think about studio space.  I decided that it would be a good idea to move into the garage.  We are very lucky to have a garage at the side of the house.  Its not actually big enough to put a car in and the front door hasn't opened for a few years. So we have managed to fill it up with complete junk.  Its such a waste of space.

In talking about it, Mr WD suggested getting a window put in and I thought that we could put patio doors in the end onto the garden.  But it would warrant a lot of effort as the greenhouse would have to be moved and we would need to get builders in, not a prospect I look forward to.  But it seems like a very viable option, so I would like to explore it.  The plan therefore is, to get me in asap ( I don't have  a lot of patience and when I want to do something, I just want it now!!! ).  So with help from my lovely Hubby and Son, we have moved all the junk down the bottom end and filled the shed.  I am then  going to paint the walls white to lighten it up and I will move in.   Its not a permanent solution but it will allow me to throw paint around a bit more and of course its rent free.

I think MR WD knows me too well to invest to much before I try, as I do have a bit of a reputation for changing my mind a lot... opps.  I am also worried that as its just a hop, skip and  a jump out of my back door then I wont feel its a work place and not be motivated to go in.  I know a couple have people have commented about the cold, but if you had ever visited me in the studios at Clevedon Craft Centre you would have realised that was something, I got used to.  The heating on ever went on a hour before students arrived,  I have a few small heaters , a lot of big jumpers and fingerless gloves.  We are also getting to that time of year where hopefully that wont matter  and if I do stay, I could get all the work done by the time next winter comes.  So I think its a good solution and I am actually very excited at having my own place again.

This is how its starting to look.  Hopefully the 2 old rocking horses will get moved next weekend and I should just get and list them on ebay as all my children are now late 20's early 30's so I don't they will be using them again and no sign of any grandchildren in the near future.

So things are looking a bit brighter and maybe by next week I will be in and snug as a bug in a rug

Bye for now

Janice x

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  1. That looks fantastic!! I dream of a bit of space to call my own!! Good job!! And thank you for the blog post, I loved it!! I had forgotten about it and I was alerted to it by a lovely poster on facebook!!