Thursday, March 27, 2014

A busy time and a new studio

Sorry there has been no interview this week, things have been a bit busy with a few personal matters, connected with my Dads Death and I also a fab weekend with my wonderful daughters, which was brilliant but exhausting.

Also, I can finally show you this Pet portrait I did,  it was commissioned for a 60th Birthday present.  It was completed a little while ago but I didn't want to spoil any surprises.  The new owner and the lady who paid for it were very pleased, so I am a happy bunny :-)

My Garage is also a bit more sorted.  

if you remember this was it, as I started to sort it 

 and this is how it is now.........................

I do quite like it but I have been busy sanding and polishing my Printers draw ready to put some of my beach find and sea glass collection in and its very handy for access to tools.  As for painting,  I did do one.  It was on a canvas I bought a little while ago, but I had bought the wrong one and it was  bit to long for what I wanted, so had just sat there. I wasn't worried about wasting the canvas so just splashed around and this is what came out.

Next Monday I should have another interview for you, so see you then

janice x


  1. the garage/studio looks great - it is so nice to have a space dedicated to art isn't it? I really like your 'just splashed around' painting!

    1. Thanks, yes its great, I could do with a bit more light, but we can sort that in time, thanks for taking the time to comment :-)