Monday, April 2, 2012

Why buy new?

When I moved into my little studio I had no idea if I could make a go of it, so I made a conscious desicion to keep my start up costs to a minimum.  That meant having to find cheap frames for my pictures.  I bought some from Wilkinsons and other cheap shops but even those started to add up and the quality was rotten,  so when my pictures got bigger and the frame costs were getting higher I turned to charity shops.  I love charity shops,  I am not a fan for clothing,  but thats just my hang up from having lots of hand me downs as a child.  But for everything else brilliant.

Now I am in my bigger studio and money is starting to ease a bit, then I thought maybe I would get a more professional look and try and get a standard frame look, in my studio. 

I have been out this morning and looked at lots of frames,  wood ones,  white ones, glittery ones,  shabby chic and very classy ones, apart from not being able to make a decision,  I added up up the cost and nearly fainted.

So guess where I have just been and bought from...........

I go this lovely lot for £9 from my favourite local charity shop ( Weston Hospice Care)   I think that has decided me once and for all. I love the variety and I love matching a frame to a painting.  Of course there will be people who want that pristine new look and don't want the character of an old frame.  Well all I can say to them,  is I will offer a discount for taking a picture unframed and then they can bear the cost of the framing,  or of course the option to not buy from me is there too.

Love them or leave them  the secondhand eclectic look is here to stay.


  1. Same here, no way could I afford frames, so job lot from charity shop, I paint mine myself to match what goes in them... one day I might be able to afford to buy frames. I also buy canvas's from the charity shop to play on, gives me more confidence not to be spoiling a new one LOL.

  2. Great idea. I love a good rummage in a charity shop and you can find some great things if you take the time to look.