Friday, April 27, 2012

Visiting Artist


Visiting Artist Louise Tullener. will be displaying a small amount of work at Wellydog Gallery during May.
Originally from South Africa Louise specialises in hand embroidered artwork. The style is unique and relatively unknown in the United Kingdom but is very popular in South African and Australia.
Working in this style for the last 3 years she has built up a collection of various styles including portraits, still life and landscapes.
The process for creating an art piece is to print or paint the image onto a fabric suitable for embroidery (usually cotton). Depending on the design, certain areas are highlighted by embroidering, beading or attaching embellishments to the cloth. This results in a beautiful 3-Dimensional artwork.
She uses unconventional techniques and materials, such as silk, holographic and metallic threads, silk and organize ribbon.
Each piece created is  a Unique and different art work.

Future events at  Wellydog Studio and workshop

Bookings now being taken for the Beginners workshop on the 12th May from 1pm – 5:30pm £25 including all materials.

Birds workshop , explore techniques for drawing and painting birds, 26th May  1pm – 5:30pm £25 including some materials. 

Starting May 31,  Thursday evenings will be a Drawing club,  non teaching session,  but with a qualified tutor on hand if you need any help. We will meet and practice the art of drawing.  There may be (depending on demand) Life drawing where an extra fee towards the model may be required .  10 sessions for £60 ( payable in advance) 7pm -9pm

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