Sunday, April 22, 2012


In case you haven't noticed, I  haven't been around recently,  Thats because I have been on holiday.  Not just any holiday but one to celebrate my 50th Birthday. There will be a separate blog about it with all my pictures when I have sorted through them all. So apologies for not updating you enough,  but as I start I thought I would tell you all about my new little scheme!!

My Lovely sister in law recently had a birthday,  she asked for a donation to go to her favourite charity instead of a present and so we did,  but as I couldn't afford to be as generous as I would have liked, then I came up with a cunning plan.......

Her charity of choice is the the 5 sisters Zoo.  This is a bear charity and you can read all about it here,  so I painted a bear and will try and raise money for her charity using the picture.  I have yet to think what to do with the original painting, so any idea on how I can raise the most money from it would be gratefully appreciated,

but to make a start I have produced a bag with a transfer on of the image on that I am selling on Etsy,  20% of the cost will go to the 5 sisters charity ,  so if my maths is correct ( I'm hopeless with numbers) then as each bag costs £7 each, then £1.40 will go to the 5 sisters charity.  I have sold 3 already so thats a good start.
I am trying to think of other ways to sell this image,  but will have to come back to you when I have worked them out.

If I could ask for your help to spread the word then I would be very grateful, and there is a link below if you wish to buy one.

Thankyou x

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  1. beautiful picture, my boyfriend loves bears so I will show him your blog when he gets home :)