Thursday, March 25, 2010

Death of a laptop / Folksy Friday

I was going to blog about my lovely new craft rooms progress but I have had a terrible disaster and my lovely MacBook has died. All my stuff is gone and no way to retieve it....... So here I am Blogging in my lunch hours at work. I have no access to my pictures so I thought I would celebrate the life of my beloved laptop in a series of items from folksy that remind me of my baby.....may it rest in peace x

Laptop stand

laptop sleeve

Micro chip Bracelet


  1. So sorry to hear of your macbook's demise. I'd be devastated if mine went - I've only had it a few months.
    I like the keypad rings! Do you think you will make jewellery out of yours?
    pam x

  2. sorry to hear about your laptop :-( My computer is currently at the repair shop, being reformatted(!) so I feel your pain.

    Lovely picks, especially like the laptop sleeve.

  3. Thanks, I hadn't thought of making jewellery with it just yet, I may give it a few days of mourning first

  4. I couldn't function without my laptop! poor you...onwards and upwards though...lovely memorial to your techno friend :0)

  5. Noooo! Thats so annoying, it happened to one of my friends at uni too - no reason for it at all!
    Love your choices here, especially the keypad rings!

  6. Oh how clever is that cardboard laptop stand. Sorry your macbook has died. x

  7. sorry to hear your sad's surprising how much we can depend on something! Here's to the next Welly Dog Mac :) x