Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Onwards and Upwards

Its been a funny old month...... Once I had decided to leave the Craft Centre then it has been all steam ahead to start moving into my new studio and sort out the old one.  Some students have not taken my leaving well,  but I guess that was to be expected and also quite flattering, but the majority have been very supportive and understand that I have to do what I have to do. Many I will keep in touch with and some are even joking that they will record me saying little messages, to play back when they are painting,  the most popular seems to be " Stop fiddling", but other suggestions have been.. 'step away from the painting" and "is that a good idea?"

The room I am using temporarily as a studio is quite small but I am settling in quite well.  its a bit of a mess but you can see Fin has his blanket on the floor, so he can still sit with me when I paint.  His bed will of course eventually come from the Craft centre and  I think he will miss going into the studio more than I will.  

As you can see on my wall I have been painting already.  I did my usual stab at a portrait of Dear Mr Wellydog.  I am not sure I quite captured him ( the usual frustration)  but I, as always had fun painting it.  I have always found it hard to convince some students that my paintings quite often can look rubbish until near the end and go through a "I want to throw this in the bin" stage, so I thought I would document a painting to show them.  This just happened to be the next painting I did, so here are some of the stages, this painting went through.

and this is the final result 

I have also been thinking about the summer,  apart from not wanting to think about the cold and wet of the coming winter,  then I am determined to have an exhibition next summer.  I have  a bit of an idea so decided to explore some possibilities,  in doing so I painted a bucket and spade,  this reminds me so much of summer I think it will have to live on my studio wall to remind me of warmer days to come;

Nice chatting with you,  catch up soon

janice x

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