Monday, June 24, 2013

More settled

Having decided to make myself a dedicated workspace, then there was no stopping me,  I have been trying things out and with the help of fellow crafter at the centre, I have finally found the right spot.

I wanted to be by the window for the light and I am hopefully going to start getting Fin,  my constant companion at the studio, use to not being behind bars and able to move around the studio a bit more freely.  He is very good and hasn't run off for a long time even though he could leap over his bars very easily.  I will be putting his bed under the desk and the bars really are just to contain the bed from moving all over the studio.

I will be moving all the pictures round and I am tying to get hold of a proper studio easel,  which is proving a bit frustrating, but I guess there is no real hurry now.

I also visited another set of local studios to get some ideas and to confirm that I have been daft keeping so much space for the visitors and not enough for me.  I had a lovely long chat with Karen Edwards at the Walled Garden studios at Wrington.  If you get a chance you should check out her work it is amazing.  
and realised that my studio should always have been more about me than the visitors,  I am just glad I realised it before I gave it up. Why is everything in hindsight so clear!

As you can see I tried out the spot by putting up my field Easel,  and I treated myself to a lovely canvas, ( what a joy to work on)  and this is the result.  I still have to clean up the edges and sign it but I am having enquiries about it already It is approx 40cm x 50cm ( I need to double check those measurements) and when it finally goes on sale, I will be asking  £110

I also have been having a student session cull.  I have been letting people know I will be shutting down some sessions at the end of July and rearranging how I structure the rest of the time,  most people are taking it well and I am sorry to do it, as I know it wont suit everyone   but I am also relieved as I can start to get some painting time back.  Of course I have my main stay of students who seem to support me through anything and for that I am very grateful, I am such a lucky girl :-)

I am very settled again, although I think its in my nature to want to constantly change things,  probably why I never stuck at real jobs for any length of time :-)

Catch you all later, hopefully with lots of new work  

Janice x

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