Monday, June 17, 2013

A new Plan

Last time I spoke I was feeling quite low and considering leaving the studio.  I have had a few weeks of turmoil wondering about where I should work and how.  And its been good because it has made me re-evaluate my choices and what my priorities are.

I have bored poor Mr WD senseless talking about, but I have made some real decisions and I am happy about them.

Firstly I am cutting down on my teaching.  I love teaching but not when I feel it is stopping me paint.  I also don't feel I can be a good teacher and stay ahead of my students if I don't paint regularly myself.   I'm afraid I may loose a few regular students by doing this but if I restructure correctly and charge appropriately, then I will get more out of it and hopefully so will they.

Secondly I am not going to prioritise the visitors at the centre any more.  Let me explain.... footfall is very low and I have been wondering if I wouldn't be better if I found myself a cheaper place to work from or work from home . I would need to be more proactive about pushing myself into other selling opportunities online and in exhibitions etc, rather than waiting for visitors to come to me and perhaps separate the teaching into other places. 
In thinking about this I realised I am to easily distracted at home and I need to go out to work. So in looking at where I could work from, I realised there is nowhere really better.
Not only do I have creative company where I am but I also wouldn't have to search for somewhere and move,  when relatively speaking my rent is already very reasonable. So the plan is to make my studio precisely that....My studio!!  

I intend to experiment in the next few weeks on changing it so I can have a permanent work area.  Currently I paint and then clear up so students and visitors don't see a massive mess. I have a nice display area for thing I sell and I constantly change the display to keep people interested.    All that will stop and I will use the studio for what it is meant for, to paint and to teach.  If visitors come they will always be welcomed but they will be a secondary consideration,  If they want to buy all the better,  but they wont have it laid out like a shop any more!

and finally......  I will push myself into more areas to sell my work. I never do art shows or exhibitions as I am worried about shutting the studio,  but I am going to do what pleases me from now on and not worry if I am not there to open for the very few visitors we get.  I also had an interesting meeting last week about setting up some Art holidays or breaks and I will follow that up for next year.

How does that sound for a plan???


  1. The idea of setting up art holidays sounds great and I'm sure it will be very popular. Sometimes it's good to reassess what you're doing and I quite understand that you need to paint in order to teach. I'm glad you're keeping your studio, hope all your plans work out and lead you to be even more successful!

  2. It sounds GREAT! I love the fact that your plans are so positive and that the low point has led to such definitive action!