Sunday, January 13, 2013

Studio Mouse

The island of bookcases that I put in last week have a cut out at the back that Mr WD  says looks like a mouse hole. So he insisted it had a mouse in it! Now I do own a sewing machine and it does get used for cushions and curtains etc,  but I am not the world best sewer,  but I looked around and although I found some fantastic mice on the internet,  I am still very much on a budget and worried Fin may take  a liking to it, so I thought what the heck, I will make my own.
Here he is....


and here he is in his little home,  To be honest,  he's a bit shabby and I think he will need to be replaced soon but at least I have a resident mouse now.  

While I had my sewing machine out I thought I would make some curtains to cover the mess in my store room,  I should just shut the door, but the loo and all the materials are out there,  I cant keep on top of all the comings and goings of the students so it tends to stay open.  Also its a bit damp out the back and things fair better if the heat travels from my studio out into the back area. So I thought it best to just try and disguise it bit,  after all it is a working studio.

In my usual unique way I managed to make them to long, so I will have to pin them next week and bring them home to shorten. See I told you sewing wasn't my strong point

I also made a big decision,  to stop trying to make my Folksy shop work.  I should have given up ages ago as the Google analytics figures, have been very sorry reading.  I stupidly invested in a Plus account,  but  you live and learn and its just money down the drain now.  Anyway I have decided I do need an online presence,  but I am not going to invest so much time and effort into trying to promote it.  I just want it to be there is anyone wants it and to list a few items from time to time.  So I have resurrected my Etsy shop.  If you get a chance pop over and check it out.

These 2 small canvases are my newest listing.

So I have spent quite a bit of time this week,  changing links on my Facebook page ,  my blog and my website to direct people to Etsy instead of Folksy.  Its amazing how long this took as I had forgotten how to do a lot of it.  Its such a long time ago I set it all up but thanks to some fb and twitter friends who helped me out, it should all be done now.

This week also saw the reopening of my studio after the Christmas break.  Students were back in,  although quite a few were sick,  so I hope they all get better soon.

As the centre is very quiet at this time of the year then I used the time to start work on a series of paintings I am planning for North Somerset arts week in May.  I am quite pleased with the progress but it is slow as I am slightly out of my comfort zone.  I  decided that this work needed to  be in acrylics on Canvas.  Sometimes I make these decisions and think Why?? but hopefully they will turn out alright.

The theme of the project is 'The Beach' ( my most favourite place) and this is how far I got with the first one 'Starfish'.

  Lots more to do,  so see you all later

J x


  1. Is he going to cost you a lot in cheese-patterned fabric?

  2. Goodness I hadn't thought about feeding him, I hope he likes dust and leaves, I get a lot of those in the studio :-)

  3. Love your mouse! Sorry to see you leave Folksy but can understand why, will make sure I keep up with your work on FB and Etsy :)

  4. Love your mouse - much prettier than the one we get in our house :) Sorry to see you leave Folky too, but once my year with the Plus account ends I shall be not far behind you. Etsy is a bit slow at the moment, but it has far more bells and whistles for promoting than Folksy will ever have. Will come and see you during Arts Week (or come to me for coffee,only round the corner).

    1. Would be nice to meet you , will arrange something soon x