Monday, May 28, 2012

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!!

I have been missing in action recently,  not only in body but in spirit too.  I have lost my painting mojo!!  not just a little bit, but a lot.  I have been doing other creative things but no painting and my studio although ticking along nicely hasn't had the attention it needed. In fact in you had caught me a a bad moment last week, I would have told you I was packing it all in and going back to a 'proper ' job'.  
But things are brightening up.  The sun is shining and  I had a rest,  simple I know but makes a lot of difference.  I had a really bad sickness bug, not the usual remedy for relaxing but it forced me to stop and because I couldn't risk passing it on to my Dad in hospital then,  I had one less journey down the M5 and I think it was just what the Dr ordered.

I finally finished a commission I had,  I started it back in January and I have finally done it!  The deadline was August which was lucky really as its the longest I have ever taken.
I also managed to follow up on some students that said they may join my regular sessions but didn't. I got my mailing list sorted and a newsletter written all ready to send. 

I also thought about how I could utilise my studio space so that when I don't have lessons I can easily use the tables  for more display space.  this also means people can see at a glance from the door that its not just a classroom.  ( Thanks Sue for your help)

I  finally made the brush rolls I had been promising my students for a while. They have just gone on sale so hopefully that is one more string to my bow.

And finally..........   

I knitted my first ever pair of socks, not bad for someone who hasn't knitted for about 20 years. and Thanks to my lovely student Jo who bought me a how to knitting book for my birthday.  It got me started again and I must say taught me a lot I didn't know, which may explain why I was so rubbish 20 years ago.

 So any thought of packing it in have gone and maybe, just maybe my mojo will be back.

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  1. Oh no sorry to hear you have been so low Janice, look forward to seeing more paintings I love to see your work.
    Sounds to me like you did just have far too much going on and needed some tlc.

    Love the painting and the socks, knitting is something I cannot do.

    take care now x