Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gallery display - June

Each month I like to reorganise the art work and also display other peoples work.

I decided after 6 months in the Studio I would have a wall all to myself.  As I love painting water and have a bit of a thing for the turquoise shades of blue,  I put them altogether .  I am quite pleased with the result as I also dug out some of my old stained glass mirrors that `I used to make, to compliment them.

On my larger wall I am displaying work from  pencil portrait artist, Mark Bradley.  and 4 pieces from my 'lodger' Greg Hunt.

I love that it gives my students something new to talk about each month and also it forces me to have a good clean and sort out, its amazing what you can collect and let get in a mess, in just 1 month.


  1. I love your blues Janice!! Gorgeous! :)

  2. Your wall looks stunning, Janice! And I love those chairs - can I ask where you got them?

    By the way, after receiving it myself, I've just passed The Versatile Blogger award to you - if you'd like to accept it, simply check out the rules here:

    Rosie. x

    1. Sorry Rosie, I have only just checked my blog, the chairs were from ikea, quite a few years again, I am not sure if they still do them. I will check out the award cheers xx