Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I need your votes!

You should check out fund 101 at Enterprise Nation  they are a great site and I love the idea that they actually support small businesses.
I have put in a case that you can read here,
 but I thought I would just fill you in a bit on why I need the money.

Materials -  These are vital to making sure my students get a good experience from the lessons they get from me.  I have used cheaper materials like paper and paints but it doesn't help when people are already not sure of what they are doing if the paper starts to degrade when the work into it to much.   If they make a mistake on good quality paper all is not lost and I can help them sort it out.
Cheaper paint tends not to be easy to use and colours can vary so much,  I have 2 tubes of fairly basic watercolour both called sap green but as they are made by different companies they differ so much and this just adds to confusion about tonal values and ranges. They also separate out easier when mixed and can be grainier than good quality pigments.  It can be so discouraging when a student does a beautiful wash only to discover that it fades so much when it dries they have lost some of the colours completely.

The there is just the quanity they use.  I do use cheaper paper for practicing techniques and for colour testing,  but you would be amazed at how much paper a workshop can go through.
We also have a problem locally as all the small art shops have shut down :-) and so people struggle to get good quality materials.  If I could for instance get a roll of watercolour paper ,  they could buy it off me at a good price and then it would help self fund another roll when it is finished.  But thats an outlay of £75+  which is just to much for me at the moment.

Advertising.  Gosh I have been shocked at the prices of printing flyer and leaflets.  To make them worth while I would need to buy thousands and so I need help with the design.  If I paying out that much then I need to make sure my message get across.

Signage ,  I do need a good sign,  I have no idea what, but my handmade one does not have my new logo on and although it marks out my studio. it doesn't really show people the way to it

So please if you haven't already voted,  Can you check me out and if you think its a good idea,  vote for me.
To those who have already voted,  Many Many thanks


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  1. Well done Janice! So pleased that you reached your total! :) x