Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That dress?

What to do with this dress? A question I have been asking myself for quite a number of years.

About 20 years ago I used to do Amateur dramatics. A lady donated loads of clothes for the costume department and I couldn't bear to let them cut this one up, so I gave a donation to the club and took it home. I had every intention of loosing weight and actually wearing it. I even made Mr WD promise to take me to a Ball when I did. Alas it never happened and its just been stuffed in the loft.
I have been thinking again about what to do with it so its come out of the loft.
I have tried to find out a bit about the label, Jean Allen was not anything amazing, just a 60's and 70's clothes manufacturer. There really wasn't much about it I could find out.

I think Jean Allen is the maker and Marshall and Snelgrove I think were the shop that sold it.

Its obviously missing some straps....... this is the back view

It has two underskirts one is like a muslin and the other is thick cotton? I think

It now has some light brown spots on the underskirt? any idea what they are and how I can get them out.
So what would you do?

Sell it frame it?

Or shove it back into the loft??


  1. its beautiful! keep it and just look at it. I don't know the proper name for the brown spots, i call it loft blight! my mums wedding dress got it. no idea if they are removable but its down to how stored etc. gosh its lovely!

  2. It`s gorgeous no wonder you wanted to keep it :-) Is there a vintage clothing shop where you could ask about the brown spotting/storage (must check my wedding dress at MiL`s that hasn`t been out for 20 years!) If you`ve got space I would frame it or hang it on a lovely hanger to display but out of bright light so the wonderful colours don`t fade.

  3. Hi I have nominated/awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Pop on over to my blog- diomoglass.blogspot.com for more info xx

  4. Are you a dressmaker Janice? If so I would add side panels. They would need to be about 8cm on each side (to make approx 3 sizes bigger)You'd have to check your measurements & match the green fabric. Depending on the fit you may need to remake the bodice but the skirt part would be quite easy. A dressmaker/alteration shop could do it, would be a worthwhile investment if you really can't part with it :)

  5. Janice, I think you are being defeatist! I know you are intending to go on a bit of a diet and makeover soon, (I wouldn't mention it, but you have blogged about it so I know you are not keeping it to yourself lol) Why not let getting into the dress be your thing to aim for. Or is it like a size 6 or something? If it doesn't involve actual rib removal, and it is a size which you could healthily achieve I would hang it up where you can see it and let it be your motivation, it is so pretty!

  6. Thanks, Miss Mary, unfortunately making a pair of curtains is about my limits.
    Michelle I know you are right, but it does seem a bit impossible. Thanks both perhaps I will see how much weight I can loose then get it altered, Maybe for next Christmas ??? mmmm maybe x

  7. I LOVE this dress! It is absolutly stunning! DO NOT GET RID!!!! If you do I will have it off you!