Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giant Oaks...

.......from little Acorns grow

Earlier this year we visited Tintern Abbey in South Wales. There was a giant Oak tree in the grounds You can see how big as thats Mr WD stood at the bottom at 5ft 9". When we stood there Mr WD picked up two acorns and gave them to me as a reminder.

When I got home I forgot all about them but then a couple of weeks later, I found them in my camera case.
I soaked them for about 3 weeks in a little pot on my window sill and then planted them. To my utter surprise about 2 weeks later there was a tiny shoot, its gone completely mad now and I am shocked at how big it has become, The second one didn't come up so I am hoping that I can keep this one going until spring so I can plant it out. Mr WD jokes that if it keeps growing at this rate then it will be too big to keep in the house.
I am well chuffed.....

1 comment:

  1. The man might be right, that little fellow has aspirations!
    I shall try and grow my own oak, too. Why not?
    I just treated myself to your wonderful barn owl necklace, and, boy, am I excited! I looked at it time and again, and I decided that it was time to snatch it up. Now or never. I will wear it with pride and joy.