Friday, December 3, 2010

ACEO Folksy Friday

I've been painting again, Its been a while since I picked up my brushes and dusted my palettes off. But encouraged by my lovely Folksy friends I have been making ACEO's, these are little pieces of Art work that people collect and trade. Above is my latest a little owl, but I thought I would show the brilliant talent of my fellow folksy friends for this weeks folksy friday



  1. This is a great selection showing some of the amazing variety of the ACEOs we've seen on Folksy recently. So much talent has come to light from the enthusiasm for these minature works of art, it's brilliant! I love your choices:)

  2. What a lovely Folksy Friday! Thank you Janice for featuring mine in there :) x

  3. Aren't they all great? So lovely to see so many different styles and subjects!
    Thanks for including my chocolates.