Monday, October 11, 2010

Silver jewellery course week 5

Ahhh at last, silver has been used. I cut out my ring, filed the ends so they would bend to make the stand up bits. I then soldered in the bends to strengthen them. I also cut out the top piece and the copper pattern bits to applique on the top.
So I did have a bit more of a busy time and actually felt I achieved something, We also had pickle this week in order to clean the pieces.I didn't quite get to finish my ring but have all the elements ready


  1. Finally!
    Happy for you. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished ring!

  2. Your silver course sounds as frustrating as mine was before the summer, at least you have some direction to yours, we were left to get on with whatever we fancied making with the help and guidance of the tutor if you could get time with her, there were so many students that I had 2 sessions when I just sat at the table looking at my silver waiting to be told how to do the next stage - needless to say I haven't returned this term!