Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Silver jewellery course week 4

What can I say, made another copper ring!!! For a silver jewellery making course I have yet to see any silver. At least I did a bit of soldering.....Arggg this is so frustrating...

I asked the tutor what was involved on the intermediate course, he said" about the same as this one"....Do you think I will bother?????


  1. I can't imagine how disappointed you must be feeling! :( I hope next week is better. x

  2. Silver is pretty expensive I guess - better to practice in copper? As long as you are making something it is all good practice!

  3. I would be very disappointed!! I did a 5 week beginner silver course and we used silver the very first week to make simple earrings...we only really used copper for a practice at piercing and soldering one week. Do you mind me asking if you paid to go on this course and if so, how much? I would not be happy if I'd paid a fair whack of money for a silver class (expecting that some of this fee would pay for the silver) and I didn't get to use any.

  4. Silver is expensive to make mistakes with!!
    Hmm...not selling the intermediate course very well is he

  5. Hi Hollybirds, The course was £110 for 10 weeks, and that is suppose to cover £35 of materials. I did think it was good value at the time.
    I know silver is expensive which is why I wanted to go on the course, I appreciate it is best to practice on copper, and am happy to do so much,but I am feeling I am not moving forward, I had wanted to get the feel of silver or at least see it!! Hopefully it will get moving soon, but I am starting to wish I had spent the money on a good book and materials of my own, or just a day course. Lets hope it gets better....