Thursday, July 8, 2010

Printing on fabric

As I said on my last post then I thought i could get my design printed on fabric. My what a complex process.

I asked advice from my friends at Folksy ( where else would you go for crafting help?)

They kindly as always supplied me with ideas... So possibilities so far are (courtesy of padleighcorner ) Print directly from your PC onto fabric sheets. I think you then have to be careful as you may have to then seal it in some instances.

Some examples are


Also bonnitagraphics suggested these companies that can produce printed fabric for you

I would love to get fabric printed but it looks pricey for what I want,

Of course there is always the hand drawing method I could simply buy some fabric pens, but I really wanted a more graphic look and blocks off colours rather than me colouring it in.

The research will go on so watch this space.

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