Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday me and Mr Wellydog travelled to the depths of Devon to meet Lexie, our eldest daughter's latest addition.
Lexie is a collie/spaniel cross and I think she is 9 weeks old now. She is going to be a lovely temperament and a people dog. She wasn't fazed by our arrival or Mr WD winding her up so much on the laminate floor.We took her a little fluffy bone and she played with it all day.

She is delightful and I am so glad we saw her as a puppy as she will grow so fast.

I did try to steal her but she wouldn't fit in my handbag!!!!


  1. How CUTE is Lexie!!!! Lovin' the handbag shot! Shame she wouldn't fit tho' lol! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. she is adorable and I love the name Lexie! They do grow up fast, my cat Molly didn't stay a cute kitten for long, glad I got so many photos of her.

  3. Awww how cute - just love those silky ears! x

  4. I just found your blog and love the idea of your Blog being called Smellie Wellie haha!!

    So you came to my lovely County this weekend!!
    Hope you had a good time:)

    Am having a give away on my Blog if you fancy popping over and having a look:)
    Michelle x