Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy to be settled and working again

So here we are at last in Cornwall, well nearly.  Our house sale fell through so we had to put it on the market again, luckily its all go again,  but it has delayed us settling as we are still travelling to and from Weston-super-Mare quite a lot.  To say we are tired is an understatement, but hopefully all the travelling will stop soon and we can get into a much better routine.  We are managing to be in the studio 4 days a week which is good.  

The best thing is that the studio is looking quite nice.  Some great friends from Wight and Wight  came and helped us build the studio. We are so pleased.  Most of the materials were re-cycled and the wood panelling on the front was an amazing find.  

The counter is made up of 3 sections the two side ones are attached to the walls.  The centre section is free standing so can be moved out when we want to add some more tables for teaching sessions. and the the two gates either side will open out . the middle section is also designed very cleverly to be able to change the display in it as often as I like .   

 These gates are of course to keep our Fin in .  He does want to greet everyone who comes in, I am not sure they are all pleased to see him,  but he loves it.

We have managed to get drilling some sea glass for jewellery and you will see the results soon on our folksy shop.

but we have been concentrating on getting some leather goods made,  We are trying to get ahead for the easter rush ( hopefully) 

and if you look closely you can see a sneak preview of my latest painting.  Its nice to have a brush in my hand again.  but more on that soon

Take care and catch up soon

janice x


  1. so glad to see the progress on your studio. I really like the concept you came up with for the counter and display space - being able to move it is a great idea. Good luck with everything and I hope everything goes well for you.

  2. Happy to read that you have been settled and started working again. I wish you success further to new ideas. Wish you all the best.