Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 and New ventures or should I say Adventures!!

Wowee!!   What a funny old time we have had since we last spoke. So here I am to give you a quick update.

2014 was not my favourite year, so I am hoping that now, we can get on with a year that will be kinder to us and our family.   Such a lot has happened but I shall give you the highlight,  Mr Wellydog is now unemployed.  

We had hoped to move to Cornwall in a year or two but had decided that as we had just got ourselves into a comfortable financial position for the first time in our married lives, that we would do some travelling and just live it up a little before getting serious and looking at retirement.  Well that didn't quite work out the way we had planned, but we are happy to be in such a fortunate position that we can move into the house in Cornwall.   Very sadly we have sold our current home and are in the process of packing up and moving... I know... I know,  no one feels sorry for us HAVING to moving to Cornwall, but we will just have to make the best of the situation !!!!

Mr WD has been in a very stressful job in the last few years so its actually a relief for him to be able to take some down time, relax and recharge his batteries, but not for too long............. because I have got him working for me!!!   well I suppose he would say we were equal partners, but we will fight that one out much later!!  hehe!

We are about to take up residence in a craft unit at Heartlands in Pool, Cornwall.  Its a visitor attraction about 18 miles away from our house.  It has a bit of everything, adventure playground, gardens, artwork, a Tin mine and visitor centre, weddings and community events, why not check out their website

This is the unit we are taking on 

No 3 Artist Muse

the view from the window, we are not moving in yet but it has been used for storage, so will hopefully be empty when we arrive on the 1st Febuary to pick up the keys ( or probably the Monday , the 2nd).

Mr WD coming from a business and finance background, will be getting my pricing sorted and help me get my artwork properly framed.  I will be experimenting with my Seaglass jewellery a bit more and we will both add some handmade  leather goods to our stock list.  Mr WD is currently working on some beautiful photography to also bring in and sell as prints and maybe the odd canvas or two.  

He is amazingly organised and is already bringing in a whole new feel to Wellydog.  We are hopeful for a bright future but we know it won't come without a lot of hard work,  so sleeves rolled up and business heads on ,  we are packing up, shifting out and well.... the sky's the limit!

Happy New Year everyone,

Janice x


  1. It all sounds very exciting. Life has a funny way of bringing you situations that can bring you where you need to be. I wish you the best of luck in your move to cornwall and with your new Wellydog venture.

  2. Moving is so stressful, but it will be worth it. Your new studio looks great and I have every confidence you will achieve your dreams :)