Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long time no see

Wow-wee its been ages hasn't it??  It was the very beginning of July since my last post,  but I am here now to put that right x

For those who don't know, I lost my Mojo, after my Dads death in January, it had been a hard few years once the dementia took hold and I was so upset when he died but at the same time so pleased he didn't  have to suffer any more, and I have been struggling.  I guess that showed in my lack of ability to painting anymore and  I just couldn't get back on track,  well after a few false starts I am painting again and happy.  I suspect I  will still have some ups and downs but for now things seem to be getting back on track.

So many things have happened to help that,  so where should I begin?

In July  my lovely youngest daughter got married to her partner at Bristol Zoo,  we had an amazing day and everything was just perfect.  They both did a wonderful job of organising it and didn't she look amazing :-)

and as all this was happening, we also bought a holiday home.....in Cornwall!
With a some money my Dad had left me and some spectacular financial jiggery pokery from my eldest daughter ( absolutely amazing how she sorted us out) we moved in the week after the wedding :-)

Its been bliss, relaxing, calm peaceful, friendly and felt like home ,the minute we walked through the door.  As you can imagine we have been there loads and I have even been down on my own, with Fin for company. So how could I possibly not paint now!!  

So life at the moment is amazing,  I am very fortunate, I have a fabulous husband and 3 amazing children, who I am so very, very proud of.  So for a while , maybe forever,  I am going to kick back and appreciate them and this wonderful gift my Dad has given me .........

and of course, enjoy painting again 

Janice x

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  1. Welcome Back Janice, your daughter looks beautiful and also very happy, hope you all had a great day :-)
    I'm really envious of you getting a holiday home in our favourite part of the world (well joint favourite with Yorkshire :-)) It is our intention to move there once the kids have flown and Hubby retires but that's a few years away so we have to make do with a week or 2 down there when finances allow.