Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Latest paintings

This is my latest painting,  it was painted a few weeks ago,  and is of course of a wave.  I am still always so drawn to the sea and the seaside.  It is now available from my Folksy shop just follow the link 

The painting before that is called 'After my chips'  ....can you guess why??  It is no longer available to buy as it was snapped up just a couple of hours after I listed it. But cards will be available through my folksy shop very soon,  ( or just email me) 
I am thinking I may do some more gull paintings .  I have a baby gull in mind for the next one :-)

I also wanted to talk a little bit about Ty Gobaith. This is a childrens hospice and they are running a secret auction of postcard size arts works.   I sent my two postcards off , I don't know if they are still taking entries but if you can it would be lovely if you could support them

More details here 

Take care I will catch up soon

Janice x


  1. Lovely paintings Janice. I especially like the seagull - such a great composition that I can see why it was snapped up right away.

  2. Beautiful seagull, no wonder it was snapped up so quickly!