Thursday, January 2, 2014

End of an Era

My time at Clevedon Craft Centre is now over.  I have left the building, read all the metres and handed in my keys .......  I am sad,  but I am also relieved.  No more bills to pay,  well not extra ones anyway.  The money was certainly a worry which is why I ended up teaching so often and it would have only got worse as visitor numbers were so low.

I had a blast in many respects and learnt so much but of course it also came with some serious downs.  I am certainly not going to be critical of the centre it has survived for 40 years and I respect the people there but it was no longer suitable for my needs.  And I certainly hope if you are ever passing you will pop in and check out the fantastic crafts that are made there, by some very talented people.  I know I will pop in from time to time.

I had set up a new blog to move forward but I have decided to just carry on with this one, when I started to set up the new one, it was just the same as this one, so it seemed daft. I do have nearly 300 followers so why start again and have to hunt you all down again.

So I shall keep chattering on over here and hope someone is listening

Happy New Year to you all and may all you dreams come true

Janice xxx

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