Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas arrived at Wellydog Gallery

Yesterday I held a christmas card painting workshop.  

8 lovely ladies came and we started by drawing lots of Christmas bits and pieces.  Everyone chose to go the natural look, drawing holly and ivy and lots of berries, teasels and old mans beard, adding a couple of baubles and orange segments along the way.

They then traced off some of the drawings and arranged them in a garland or wreath shape, then the painting began

A couple finished but most will finish them off at home, or in another session. They will then be scanned in to the computer

Text if they want will be added and them I will print sample cards for them to decide if they want any more printing.

It was a lovely atmosphere and we all had fun along the way. I was very pleased as I had 2 new students who seemed to really enjoy coming and have said they will return also some lovely messages when I got home from the students saying they had enjoyed it.

Needless to say I am in a more christmassy mood now 

Happy Christmas x

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