Saturday, March 5, 2011

Original Art work verses prints???

I am thinking about how to advertise my art work better and so am wondering why mass produced prints are so popular as apposed to original art work in peoples homes
So I wondered if you would give your views and consider whether
- people worry originals will be to expensive?
- Or do you think they think it will be expensive to frame an original?
-Or is is the size and scale of the prints people might find in ikea for example that is appealing?
Or do you have any other suggestions?


  1. Speaking from my own experience, we have a mixture of prints and originals. All the originals have been bought already framed and most of our prints we have put in cheap frames, our originals are in the living room and prints are scattered about the house, to fill up walls!
    Don't know if that helps!

  2. In my opinion, all of those points could be a factor. I think there is a general impression that original pieces are expensive and a big investment as something you should keep forever and ever, whereas art from places like Ikea has a more current / fashionable / temporary feel? Personally, what would matter most to me is 'do I like it?' and 'can I afford it?'

  3. Thankyou ladies that is very interesting x

  4. Are prints popular? I would imagine that people who buy prints in IKEA are only looking for something cheap to finish off their room decoration and would have no inclination to search out original art, let alone be aware of its existence! Basically, they're not our market and I doubt if they could ever be won round. Also, I had a chat with an art buyer a couple of years ago which was very enlightening. He had an extensive collection of original and prints, but crucially the 'prints' were real prints, ie. lithographs, linocuts etc. He wouldn't entertain the idea of purchasing a giclee print, because it didn't have any human input in its production. That said, I am considering producing some for my exhibition, but I am hesitant.

  5. Thanks Paul hadn't really thought of it that way, just had a discussion with someone at work who can't see the point of 'real' art, when they can change their prints cheaply and often,. But you are right they are not my Market, sounds dim but that never clicked before, I need to target those people who buy originals and nor those who just want to decorate their homes

  6. Sometimes 'themed' art has an appeal to a certain marketp too. For example, I purchased an original watercolour of hens fleeing from their coop over the hill first thing in the morning and it was entitled 'Morning Rush'. This I bought as a thank you present for a friend who kept chickens and who always had problems getting her hens into the coop. So print or original, I think, can appeal to different people at different times for different reasons. It's purely whether your art appeals to them.